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Faneuil hall in boston

Time Traveling Tales


Stay near Boston’s bustling Faneuil Hall

KDuring you stay, explore one of Boston’s best-known historic sites—Faneuil Hall. Constructed in 1742—in what the nation’s forefathers declared “The Cradle of Liberty”—the venue has served as a marketplace and meeting hall since first opening its doors. Named after the wealthy merchant who provided funding for the hall, this structure has been the site of many inspirational and significant speeches, delivered by famed Americans over the centuries (including Samuel Adams).

Located in downtown Boston just steps from the waterfront, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is alive and well today, thanks to more than 70 retailers and 40 office tenants that occupy the iconic and festive mixed-use space. Indulge in worldwide cuisine, pop into hospitable pubs, shop at an array of shops, and watch musicians and other performers that occupy the cobblestone promenades.