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The Story

The Story of Onyx Hotel in Boston

Each Kimpton Hotel has a distinct personality and a soul of its own-a story. The stories are varied and colorful; wine, art, literature, well-being, food, and architecture to name a few. Each unique story promises you adventure, inspiration, and delightful surprises while offering the familiarity and style of the Kimpton Hotels brand.

The story of Onyx Hotel is solace, a characteristic shared by its namesake stone. Dramatic in appearance, onyx is thought to soothe fear and worry, alleviate stress and anxiety and help overcome obstacles. It was valued by ancient Greeks and Romans, with Roman soldiers in particular using it as a talisman for bravery. Fittingly, Onyx Hotel is a boutique hotel that encourages you to leave your stresses behind and embark on an adventurous stay in one of this country's most interesting cities.

Also like the stone from which it was inspired, Onyx Hotel is a gleaming jewel-its striking 12-story profile catches the eye with shimmering windows and clean, geometric lines. Diamond-shaped accents enhance the building's timeless quality, reflecting Boston's rich history and dynamic present.

The lustrous qualities of Onyx Hotel are both visible and subtle. Superior service is not overbearing, but warm, friendly and welcoming. Vibrant jewel-toned color is softened with calming shades of cream and taupe. Amenities are luxurious and simultaneously earth-friendly. The ambiance is energizing and also relaxing, creating an urban oasis where you can let your worries melt away. We invite you to join us.